3 thoughts on “2020-07-18 Patriots and Antifa Square Off

  1. Syk and be advised: If and when you attend a Similar event that one of ANTIFA’s tactical ploys is to record, identify and dox. Some of the asshats you see recording are nothing but Intel gatherers. Scarfing up may be a wise decision.
    In the video, you’ll notice that the guy with the phone, recording asks one of the Patriots ‘where do you work?’
    Happy hunting,
    The GardnerThat

  2. Truth is on our side so they must destroy history. Just an observation I have been spreading the word about American Contingency. I have yet to have positive response. I think their are 2 things going on, apathy and disinformation. Some responses I get are, “we are good, no thanks” or “I heard of them, they are just white supremacists”. Everyone, do not be discouraged. Please pray for this network of patriots.

    1. There are a few local groups ans so many that provide knowledge and training. There are so many groups nation wide. Selection is good – each group may have different leadership which provides different opinions and outlooks; along with different types of events or meetings. These are all very positive aspects. Many groups also create fragments of the same type of people, who are Patriots. Fragmentation or disparate coordination can be a deficit, but only if a large scale event happens when every body counts. But, be assured all groups have the same thoughts of what to do if massive riots breakout pr rolling mobs start marching through residential neighborhoods. And on the individual level, people push back when they are pushed by nature.

      In the urban areas where many people live in apartments, live is much different. These people are less likely to be prepared and avoid even thinking about it. It is easier to focus on work, keep your eyes straight ahead, and only look at nice things. Until it is not.

      The demographics of America is something around these ratios: 70%, 18%, 12%. So if there was truly equal representation, even in Patriot groups, that would be the ratio. However, in each local area it can be drastically different. In some towns, it can be 100%. Or Chicago, 40-50%. We could probably map demographics directly to crime (and every large city), but that is not the agenda. But is does matter in the context of where you live and if an event occurs there – and what you will be facing.

      The good news is most of America, The Silent Majority, is a very real thing. It is most of America. We can use our numbers to defend the American way of life and the America dream. But it is going to take a but of effort. This is the agenda if this group. Not a militia, and not a ‘movement’. Movements seem to stop when leaders change and militia always seem to go wrong at some point. Patriot groups are different since their fundamentals are from law abiding citizens, and veterans, active military and police. The groups whose members consist of these type of people are better to join. They will always emphasis violence as a lat resort, following the laws, and protecting yourself, your family, and your neighbors. Even the person that parks too close.

      Perhaps you do not need to push membership here, but provide information to those who ask. People that are open, will be looking. People that are not will still have their eyes closed. Invite then to the range. Invite them to another event. Friendship can be a powerful thing. And especially during these COVID days, so many people are really left alone, isolated, and seriously googling “What do I do”.

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