2020-07-17 The First Confiscation?

2020-07-17 The First Confiscation?

Search and Seizure. I think there these combination of words in some important document.

We have all seen the footage of this couple. Did they over react? Should they have stayed on their porch? Should they have stayed inside and shown their rifles through the windows? Should they have let them escalate the violence by standing by and doing nothing?

None of those choices would have made a difference. Even if the couple stayed inside their home and watched with their rifles visible through their windows, the same charges would apply.

Recall, this same night, many places were burned, police killed, and many police shot. So where is the line? How much are they going to push?

Well we see, if you remember some of the first steps in Austria, they must first disarm the citizens.

First, it is to lower crime and violence – you must register.

Second, since registration did not work, and they have your identity, you must turn your firearms in. If you don’t, they will come and take them.

Third, as there is still crime, you must report on your neighbors – this also divides and conquers the citizens. Neighbors no longer interact with each other in fear of being informed on, and the lack of interaction only increases paranoia.

The COVID situation accomplishes #3. People are reluctant to get into talking distance, shake hands, or do other things.

Is this one of those tests of disarmament? Are they seeing if they can start rolling in regulations, forced registration, and confiscation if you have a speeding ticket?

Well, not to being with. And yes, this couple is accused of the crime of brandishing weapons to intimidate. The same as a mob of 300 people get together to intimidate.

Lets pay attention. If this is a test to see if they can start confiscation, they will need to do more tests, in different cities. And they will have to push citizens into the situation.

You probably should not accidentally discharge your weapon into someone smashing up your car. Maybe there is a different way to stop them. Maybe not.

A lesson here is, in these situations where there is not an active threat, do not show what you have. If they come after you, and maybe you forget to shut or lock your door and they follow you inside, well, that is just a stupid decision on their part.

8 thoughts on “2020-07-17 The First Confiscation?

  1. Kitty’s speech was riveting if you do not learn history it will repeat repeat repeat itself.

    1. My wife got old and ill with a birth defect in her heart did the health care system help her no I watched them kill her. I hope I never get ill I am 59 had a stroke I am doing fine now on my own. It was over 9 years ago god healed me my wife was called home she is with god.

      1. The older I get, the more I see how fragile our lives can be. There is no running from old age.
        GOD bless.

  2. I believe the couple did everything right no matter what a law says. Many laws are just plain wrong. Common sense is in shory supply these days. The lawyers and politicians distort reality to manipulate the group think. As someone who lives in the country but works in the city I can see a vast difference in the way people think. In the city people blame each other for everything. I hear daily how city people blame the virus on people they see not wearing masks. Hmmm, shouldn’t we be blaming the CCP? In the country I see individualism. I see personal responsibilty. Some wear masks, some don’t and it’s OK. In the city they depend on someone else to protect them. In the country we protect ourselves. I heard a woman recently say she used to watch a lot of TV. And she had so much hate. She is not normally this way and she could not understand it. She decided to take a break from TV and spend more time in prayer and living real life. Her hate left her and she began to see reality and truth. She realized she was being “programmed” by the shows she was watching. So I urge everyone to challenge friends and family to take a break from the TV, social media, news media for a time as I have. And I am confident they will see the world very differently and in turn make the world better for all.

    1. I agree with your mindset to control what’s being thrown at us via popular media.
      Recently, I adopted the same concept but regulated when and whom I read for information.
      Regarding the couple in Missouri, I’ve yet to hear of any follow up of that event.

  3. If the democrats succeed in crashing the economy, and destroying small business. Many will want to sell their firearms to help make ends meet.

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