2020-07-17 What is the 1619 Project?

2020-07-17 What is the 1619 Project?

Secretary of State Pompeo briefly mentioned the 1619 Project. What is it is? What are all the projects and initiatives, executed globally and locally, and what is the end game?

The Green New Deal, 1619 Project, taking down monuments, revisionist history, halting the Pledge of Allegiance to America in schools, and so many other actions all have a single common goal – kick the legs from the foundation of America so it can not stand.

We know human trafficking still exists in the world. It exists because governments allow it. We know how easily it could be stopped. Governments cooperate, look the other way, accept bribes, and let it continue. Cooperation is the only way modern day slavery can continue for so long.

This is the same with slavery 400 years ago. How can it be possible a couple ships with minimal crews (to make room for storage of their human cargo) can travel for weeks to Africa, conquer tribes of hundreds of warriors, and then take them prisoner, chain them, and route them to the coast over multiple days – without being attack and destroyed? Of course it is not possible in those times.

It took Cooperation

It took cooperation. Warring tribes in Africa routinely battled it out, in extremely savage ways, and then went after the women and children to rape, put to work, or sell. The captured men were also put to work for the conquering tribe and sold. They were delivered to the Arabs (who really created the whole supply chain), Spain, Most of Europe. There ‘own people’ sold and delivered them into slavery. 100’s at a time. Like a fast food drive thru. Though revisionist history says they were ‘kidnapped’ – again, how could that have even been possible. It is not.

Civilizations have advanced since then and while it was accepted to be morale to the very small percent of plantation owners (a slave costed more than a horse to purchase and maintain) is not — and for most of the country, by evidence of the civil war, never accepted that it was right.

It is done. African sold Africans into slavery. A tiny majority world-wide could actually own slaves. That is the reality.

Since then, there have been so many immigrants whose blood lines have never seen a slave. But, you still need to feel guilty. More likely, you have no actual right to feel guilty – you had nothing to do with it, at all. Period. Sorry, feel guilty about something else.

You Need to Pay

The 1619 Project says you need to pay regardless. The people who committed these crime are long dead. The victims descendants are many many generations apart. But you need to pay. But lets all pay. Egypt owes the Jews. All the Nordic countries owe each other. Europe owes Europe. At that time, the state of the world was, every single ethnicity has been conquered and enslaved. Everyone. So this becomes moot. Unless, you can get free money.

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  1. The 1619 project seeks to conquer us as well, enslave us, take our property, our lands and demands tribute. What’s the difference? They are hypocrites who just want everything we worked so hard for. Suffered so much for. But they want it without any work or suffering. They want to trick us into giving it to them. And many in our governments are helping them. We’re smarter than them. We see the truth. We are Americans and we will not give them anything but a fight they have no stomach for.

    1. Most everybody is stuck on normalcy bias, waiting for everything to return to normal, or some official horn to blow to let everybody know the race has started. That horn blew on March 20th.

  2. This is the same argument as “stealing” native lands in the US. That is how land, throughout history, was procured. It was conquered. All of human history has involved men killing other men to secure land, because land is the key to sustainability, furtherance of society, and survival. So yes, the US did take land from the natives, just as those tribes likely took land from another. And so the world turns. Great post and this whole project is impressive.

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