2020-07-15 Agenda 21

2020-07-15 Agenda 21

We are not conspiracy theorists. It is not fun or enjoyable to think of SHTF situations. Films about the zombie apocalypse is for theatrics and entertainment. Same with natural disasters, alien attacks, and pandemics.

Go down the rabbit hole just a little bit. Is it possible to organize something like this on a large scale? Why is covid generically related to the bird flu, which is related genetically with 2 prior versions – all out of China?

We need a team citizen researchers and reporters to start tracking down local initiatives of Agenda 21.

We also need citizens that can start creating content resources here.
For each geolocation (why we got your postal code), we need you to help get information together for local voting, initiatives, and contact information of local elected leaders.
Send them 30,00 paper letters! Get their attention. Organize rented ride sharing for your neighborhood for voting day. Let us take their place in the voting line with overwhelming presence.
Email activate@americancontigency.com

Subject: (the task you want to do for this movement).
Everyone can contribute. Even five minute of your day will make a huge impact. You are instrumental to this.

3 thoughts on “2020-07-15 Agenda 21

  1. Shocking, could this be at the root of our current crisis?

  2. i am ready to help out. just lookin to network in my area. hopefully getting more info soon for networking

    1. We maybe getting off to a slow start. Most people are still thinking our normalcy will return, and we can all go back to our masturbatory hobbies and lifestyles.

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