2020-07-15 Armed Militias Forming Nationwide

2020-07-15 Armed Militias Surging Nationwide

America has always been about freedom. The minutemen of the Revolutionary War were regular citizens – farmers, carpenters, fathers, and even politicians.

The Shot Heard Around the World

This phrase should invoke a deep, emotional response. On April 18, 1775, hundreds of British troops marched from Boston toward Concord, Mass., in order to seize weapons and ammunition stockpiled by the American colonists.

When the British bastards reached Lexinton, approx 70 minutemen formed in the village square. A shot was fired. We do not know which side it was. The rest is history.

Today, we stand in the United States of America. If you have been abroad, you know there is no other country like America on earth. And, no other people like the American citizens.

What is so Different from Now and Then?

Not much. We have the same spirit. Many things have advanced and gotten better. Our quality of life is like no where else. We have freedom no other countries can boast. So what is so different from now and then?

Leading up the the April 18th, 1775, the British force upon the colonists, unbearable taxes, confiscation, movement limitations, and other controls to crush the spirit of the colonists, in order to control them.

If you take away hope from people, they will not resist. They will not see a reason to resist. And if you make them feel guilty of who they are, they will not believe they are worth it.

We see all of these things happening now. Every single action that the British did as strategy to the colonists, is being done to us, right now.

And worse, our children are being targeted as being privileged for being white. And this means whatever they have in their life, no matter how much they try and achieve – it will only be because they take it from some one else and do not deserve it. And the great sin is, no mater what they do, it can not be changed, ever. It is child abuse, it is mind control, it is a face of evil.

We look around. We know what is happening it not right. We see these things are not normal. We see these things are not good. We all can see it it, feel it, and know what is coming.

November 3rd, 2020 – The New Shot Heard Around the World

The second American Revolution. How likely can it happen? What would it take for it to start? Obviously, PATRIOTS DO NOT WANT THIS.

  • Initial riots and violence
  • Police restrained or unable to respond to incidences and emergencies
  • Domestic terrorist organizations, armed
  • Political unrest and anarchy, escalating
  • Local leadership willing to let it happen

We have already seen samples of this. These were tests. Make no mistake. These politicians are certainly sacrificing their careers – for what – to further their terrorist agenda. These test are to see what initial reactions and responses are. First Phase.

Second Phase. Escalation. This is what is coming. COVID was released. It is why these terrorist tests are happening now. We will see the second phase violence – part of a domestic terrorist organization will make a demonstration of escalated violence to test the local LEO and National Guard reactions. This will be before the election, November 3rd.

This will still not be enough. The Third Phase will be to turn on the private citizens to inflict maximum damage. Police respond to events; they do not show up fast enough to stop events – like a home invasion.

If a single person or a three man terrorist group kicks in your door right now, will you survive? Most will not. Your neighbors may not even own a firearm.

Then, when Trump wins the election, it is very likely, at least in large cities, large scale murder groups will rampage. Maybe not. It really is not that much of an exageration from what we have seen.

It is only if they decide to or not. They have the people. They have the weapons. They are organized.

We need volunteers to help organize resources for this website. We need people that can help gather and list resources, like where to train and we also need people that can track their local news and events to post that information here. These positions are essential and critical.

This is a volunteer citizen operated website. We need your time more than your money.

10 thoughts on “2020-07-15 Armed Militias Forming Nationwide

  1. Let’s get some and we don’t need to go to guns but if it comes to that then I’m ready for that as well

  2. Unfortunately it will get worse before it gets better. Where I live the police have told us they want us to defend ourselves because their response time is too long. We have experienced break in attempts recently. But people out here shoot first and unless there is a dead body to cleanup noone calls the cops. We try to take care of each other but this is the time for all patriots to unite. Train not only marksmanship but physically. We can’t lose because we can’t run down the street without having a heartattack! Be ready when the order comes.

  3. We’re better armed, better trained, and have more heart than these terrorists. We’re the veterans, the LEO’s, the fighters etc.

    I’m prepared for a fight and I’ll be waiting as well as many of my brothers come November.

    1. I live in a small town in NW Montana. Most people around here will fight for America for the Real Liberty and Freedom that makes America the Greatest Nation on Earth. I know our sheriff,police,Montana lll and most citizens all gathered armed to make a show of force that our community was not going to tolerate violence and destruction in our town. Needless to say the protestors were only out for 3 hrs and decided to leave there were no incidents especially since one protester just mentioned burning the flag and that person was informed that if he burned that flag he was gunna die.

      1. Indeed, we have seen in the places where citizens are able to show up, very little or almost nothing happens. They give up easily.
        In metro areas, with a more diverse population, like Seattle, Portland, Oakland, LA, Miami, NY … the list goes on – it will be more difficult. We should see exactly what happens in those places. Acting as you have demonstrated, is better than reacting.

        The Silent Majority is real.
        We need to show up for our local and presidential elections more than we ever have before.
        Leave no space for the liberals at the voting booths! We can take their spots.

        1. The problem is that the silent majority is staying silent for way too long. Even people who raised their right hand, and took an oath are still playing the part of spectators in a contact sport. This warfare is being played out on every part/level of your life at the same time. The beast will not be denied.

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