2020-07-13 Patriots Patrol

2020-07-13 Patriots Patrol, North Idaho

In CDA, where this took place, there were zero riots, zero vandalism, and a minimized few disruptive protesters.

Protesting is a right we have in America. Free speech is a right we have in America. We have the right to bear arms. There are NO other countries on earth that provision and guarantee these rights to their citizens.

We want them. We need them. They need to be done the right way; which is, not burdening the rest of society through blockades, traffic disruptions, harming other citizens livelihood, or any type of senseless violence.

2 thoughts on “2020-07-13 Patriots Patrol

  1. Totally agree. We need local leaders. Our mayors will not do this. Most are weak. As with most people I am not a leader but I am an excellent team member.

  2. Every town in America needs to be this way! We need to bring the American spirit back, stronger than ever!

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