2020-13-07: Presidential Roundtable – Warning of Communism in America

2020-13-07: Presidential Roundtable – Warning of Communism in America

The first ‘red-scare’ in America was over 100 years ago. Even then, our countrymen and women knew the intrinsic dangers of communism and it evil twin, socialism. In modern days, we still countries like Venezuela catastrophically crash by even attempting it. Why hasn’t the world learned?

We Have Learned

Each generation is born with a fresh mind and fresh eyes. Anything is possible; good or not so good. The 1970s generation understands through experiencing it and viewing communism. We had the cold war, remnants of Vietnam, and so many other activities world-wide that the United States was involved in; and in many cases, is still present. So what is the problem?!?

Each generation has to learn. Where we call it common sense, they have no idea – they rely on their parents from young childhood and then to the education system from their teens to adulthood and further. They spend most of their time in the education system – it has an impact.

The Education System Must Change

How? As we have seen with other groups that were considered minorities – they crammed their agenda repeatedly and endlessly down the throats of the national and local political systems. Marches and protests get attention but the only way change can take place is through the local levels, through their systems.

As this group builds to critical mass, which can be faster than you may think, we will be organizing on the local levels. As you connect with members in your area, the volunteer members will coordinate these initiatives on the local level.

Local Initiatives

Our local objectives include:

Communication with local school districts and their administrators. Identify the processes for change. Take control of Americas children, through administrative change.

This includes active coordination for local elections, informing neighbors on bills and other legislation being proposed or already passed, and a strategy to support or reject it.

Ultimately, most of the work will be done through our voting system – which we all know we may not utilize fully. But, with all of us coordinating these initiatives together, moving in a massive force, we can achieve what other groups have and undo the negative and un-American actions they have done.

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2 thoughts on “2020-13-07: Presidential Roundtable – Warning of Communism in America

  1. The deep state ( the beast ) is the biggest problem. They are in everything, and will use everything as a weapon against us.

  2. At the root if we have families we must teach our children about our true past. All of it. The USA is the greatest force for good in the world despite our mistakes. There is always more to the story than the schools teach. My kids are patriots. My sons have often argued with professors. In the end they gained respect even though they did not change the professors views. Best of all my sons have changed the minds of other students. These students comment that they never heard the real history. Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it.

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