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  • Civil War, if not this year, it may be soon
    As the military becomes more and more politicized, and the brainwashed generations reach positions of power, their stranglehold will eventually become too much to accept or bear. We see the extremists now and it gets more extreme everyday. The left wants power and will do absolutely anything to obtain it […]
  • NFAC Jay Batshit Crazy (Still)
    Self proclaimed preacher, Jay continues to spout out nonesense. Did you know Africans are the original Egyptians? And also the Original jews? Did you know they had a global empire? Or they built the pyramids? Holy shit this guy is nuts. Here is his latest massacre of the ‘slave masters […]
  • Gas Station Looted Following Protests in Wauwatosa Over Police Shooting Decision
    Gas Station Looted Following Protests in Wauwatosa Over Police Shooting Decision. This will teach them!
  • Man found dead inside home in Jackson, police investigating
    JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)-Jackson police are investigating a deadly shooting after a man was found inside a vacant home in the 3900 block of Ofc. Thomas Catchings, Sr. Drive.
  • Suspect Stabs Deputy in Neck – Deputy Tases in Ass
    Cupcakes and bandages enjoyed by all. Always poke beady-eyed fuckers in the eyes first.
  • Young Girl Ready for the NFAC
    Young girl has more knowledge than Grand Retard Jay. Hello from the mayonnaise people as he calls whites.
  • Info Dump 3
    Symbiosis PDX Crimethinc Pine Tree Party Unconstrained Analytics
  • Third night of BLM riots in Wauwatosa WI (Milwaukee)
    Third night of BLM riots in Wauwatosa WI (Milwaukee)
  • Member Posting: Recipe for Destruction
    1962: United States Supreme Court decided that prayer in public schools violated the First Amendment because it constituted the establishment of religion. So even though, from the foundation of this nation, prayer before the school day began was the standard of a respectful and reverent student body, it suddenly became […]
  • NFAC Another Accidental Discharge
    Why bring an gun if you aren’t going to use it? Let’s shoot some of this park up. How about that owl in the tree – it has been giving me dirty looks all morning. Oct 3, 2020 / 05:09 PM CDT / Updated: Oct 3, 2020 / 09:26 PM CDT
  • NFAC in Lafayette
    Jay and gang in Lafayette. Be cool like Jay and wear the same airsoft body armor that can stop spit balls but not a dart. I suppose no one there needs body armor since they are for show and if not, it would not make a difference form most. Phone […]
  • Trump Says he is feeling much better (video)
  • Just a Few Rabbit Holes
    Some sources if you want to do your own research. George Webb.  Years of research into the Deep State and much more.  Deep and technical but very important. There’s a lot of documentation there on Corona as a bioweapon developed at Fort Detrick.   Here’s a taste: Amazing Polly.  […]
  • The 1% conundrum: How a simple but flawed math prediction by US Covid-19 experts caused the world to panic and order lockdowns
    When you strip everything else out, the reason for lockdown comes from a single figure: one percent. This was the prediction that Covid, if left unchecked, would kill around one percent of us. You may not think that percentage is enormous, but one percent of the population of the world […]
  • Antifa Intel Dump Part 2
    Antifa Handbook; Cell Building; Building Shields; Blockades; Making Molotovs; More to come.  Learn all you can and stay frosty.
  • Black Riders Liberation Party leads armed defense for Portland counter-protest against Proud Boys
    Black Lives Matter and Antifascist activists held a counter-demonstration Saturday afternoon in Portland against a Proud Boys demonstration being held in a nearby park. The two groups largely remained separate from each other. Members of the Black Riders Liberation Party, a group that continues to promote the views of the […]
  • School Officer Tases, Handcuffs Woman After Not Wearing Mask At Eighth-Grade Football Game
    School Officer Tases, Handcuffs Woman After Not Wearing Mask At Eighth-Grade Football Game
  • Cleveland bans long list of items in public areas in security zone around Cleveland Clinic presidential debate site
    The city of Cleveland has announced a list of prohibited items in the security zone around the Cleveland Clinic’s main campus. The temporary ban will be in effect from 12:01 AM Monday until 6 PM Wednesday. It covers public areas (including streets and sidewalks) between East 79th to Stokes Boulevard […]
  • Police running down rioters for arrests amid flag burnings and Antifa destruction spree in Portland
    Portland, Oregon: For a group of black protesting BLM the destructions performed by white Antifa thug is way beyond what they fell is ok – they confronted the Antifas, in order to try to keep white influence out of the equation. Rioters burning the American flag – as any other middle east scene in the 90s
  • Caught on camera: Rioters sets car ablaze and starts fires at Unitarian Church Louisville
    Spalding University & Unitarian Church, Louisville: LMPD aerial unit caught rioters on camera lighting fires and setting a car ablaze near Unitarian Church – the same church that have been offering refuges and a save place for BLM protesters and Antifa Black Bloc rioters & arsonists.
  • How will the left deface Amy Coney Barrett?
    President Trump nominates Judge Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court Justice seat available after the recent death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. ACB must confuse the Democrats quite a bit, given the fact that she’s a woman, she’s a mother, a role-model and will become the first Supreme Justice with small kids “We’re dying to see how the left is gonna spin this”, Olivia says, “…how will they deface her?”.
  • Media didn’t question Hillary Clinton when saying Biden should not concede if losing the election
    Mainstream media – or ‘lamestream media’, as President Trump calls the collective force of left leaning media – did not spent one headline or any media coverage when former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told Joe Biden not to concede if losing the election. However, when Trump said he would accept […]
  • UCF Flag Wave Turns Violent, Multiple Assaults and Arrests
    Interesting these children are willing to go to this extreme.
  • Federal agents arrest Tacoma woman accused of setting Seattle police cars on fire during recent protest
    Federal agents arrest Tacoma woman accused of setting Seattle police cars on fire during recent protest.
  • Ohio National Guard Called to Cleveland for Presidential Debate
    Elements of the Ohio National Guard have been be called up to provide support for the first 2020 Presidential Debate, scheduled for next Tuesday in Cleveland and the Cleveland Clinic’s Lerner School of Medicine Auditorium.
  • Vehicle Contact Drill
    Vehicle Contact Drill
  • Louisville Police Chief just told reporters the two officers who were shot are stable and are receiving treatment. They have a suspect in custody.
    Louisville Police Chief just told reporters the two officers who were shot are stable and are receiving treatment. They have a suspect in custody. Louisville Police Chief just told reporters the two officers who were shot are stable and are receiving treatment. They have a suspect in custody. — […]
  • Arrests being made in Louisville after a crowd of hundreds confronted a police line in riot gear
    Arrests being made in Louisville after a crowd of hundreds confronted a police line in riot gear Arrests being made in #Louisville after a crowd of hundreds confronted a police line in riot gear — Jorge Ventura Media (@VenturaReport) September 23, 2020
  • Confrontations between protesters and police downtown
    Confrontations between protesters and police downtown. Confrontations between protesters and police downtown #Louisville #LouisvilleProtest #BreonnaTaylor — Brendan Gutenschwager (@BGOnTheScene) September 23, 2020
  • (Louisville) Marauding BLM-antifa rioters in Louisville marched around smashing businesses and property
    Marauding BLM-antifa rioters in Louisville marched around smashing businesses and property Marauding BLM-antifa rioters in Louisville marched around smashing businesses and property. #AntifaRiots #BlackLivesMatter — Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) September 24, 2020
  • Louisville Protesters try to set Courthouse of Fire
    Cavemen can set fires, these guys are not very good at it. No wonder following rules and instructions are difficult. BLM-antifa rioters in Louisville, Ky. set fire to the Hall of Justice courthouse. — Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) September 24, 2020
  • More Footage on Police Shooting Louisville
    Another POV of the police shooting. Loud noise, people try to determine if it was a gun shot, they realize it was, then try to find a place to run.
  • DC protesters hold “Justice For Breonna Taylor” march after grand jury yields no murder charges
    DC protesters hold “Justice For Breonna Taylor” march after grand jury yields no murder charges. After a grand jury indicted only one officer on charges of “Wanton Endangerment” in the Breonna Taylor shooting, protesters take to the streets of Washington DC. “If we don’t get it, burn it down.” If […]
  • (Louisville) Police Office Shot
    Louisville police say one of their officers as been shot as protests over Breonna Taylor grand jury ruling intensify, Matt Finn reports.
  • Infantryman’s Guide to Hand Signals
    This covers basic hand and arm signals and formations. May vary depending branch, etc. This will provide a base of communication.
  • (Portalnd) Big Sale at Starbucks, All You Can Steal
    Rioters smashing up Starbucks in downtown Portland – Antifa facing off with PDX Police
  • Code ‘My 2020 Gun Collection’
    If you search youtube for my 2020 gun collection’, you will see thousands of videos, especially from gang members, “reviewing” their fire arms. These show-off type videos serve to inform what gear cohorts should be acquiring for the upcoming events. You may be surprised how heavily armed these folks are […]
  • A State of Emergency has been declared in Louisville KY, LPD
    A State of Emergency has been declared in Louisville KY. The Louisville MPD has issued Special Order # 20-044 which immediately cancels all days-off and vacation requests until further notice. The LMPD is preparing for Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s announcement in the Breonna Taylor case which is expected to be […]
  • Who/What is ANTIFA?
    From here: Please read the whole report at the above link. Excerpt: ANTIFA is a compartmentalized movement made up of anarchist, anti-fascist, autonomous anti-capitalist and anti-colonial movements across so-called North America. The underlined portion was a quote taken from an ANTIFA SITE. Its difficult to pin down exactly how […]
  • The Swarm Approach to Warfare: An Introduction For Frontliners
    From here: Read the whole thing. Read the other essays at the above linked site. Learn who and what you are dealing with. They are not stupid, they are not unorganized. Never for a moment underestimate them. They have training, they have unlimited resources, they have concrete ideology and […]
  • Overland Park, Residents React to BLM
    They started with fake medics, then fake media, now they have fake lawyer printed on their vests.
  • Louisville Triple Murder, Bungalo Joes Restaurant
    Approximately 11pm last night a a black man wearing a Brianna Taylor t-shirt walked up to an outside table at Bungalo Joes, pulled a gun, and killed three white patrons in cold blood. ACP member reported: This happened within 5 miles of my house in southern Louisville. Police arrested 33-year-old […]
  • Countdown 43 Days, RBG (judge) Death Increasing Leftists Volatility
    As the election grows closer, the hopes of the extremist left are held in the corruption of mail in voting and holding out to reelection judges and senate. RBGs death struck a seriously damaging blow to the evil agenda they have been pushing. The reaction demonstrates the importance and outright […]
  • BLM Activist, 2020 USC Grad, ‘Visual Anthropology’ Degree
    Fresh from the brainwashing facility, this BLM activist is simply amazing.
  • Anit-Racist Neighborhood Watch Handook / How to Fight the Babadook
    This is the official handbook for battling the greatest enemy, the Babadook. Hiding in the shadows, the … This is actually the official anti-facist “Anti-Racist Hieghborhood Watch Quick Start Manual & Resource Packet. Contained within are coveted antifa secrets like sneaking up on old people to hit them with a […]
  • Event Saturday, 2020-09-19 March Against Racism in Warren, MI
    Details: 516 Responded, Sept 19 2020 16:00 EDTHosted by South Warren Alliance of Racial Bowel Movement and Detroit Cant ReadSummary: After recent events in Warren, we are marching to show that we do not stand for racist terrorism or acts of intimidation in our neighborhoods! March in solidarity with us […]
  • Ramiro Carrasco Shooting (“That aint even his gun)
    “That anit even his gun” The shooting occurred shortly after 1 a.m., Feb. 26 in the area of the Island Grove Apartments located at 119 14th Ave. in Greeley, Colorado. The DA’s office said the Greeley Police officer, who has not been named, was justified in using lethal force against 30-year-old Ramiro Carrasco.
  • 2020-09-15 Breonna Taylor – Settlement Agreement, Release & Indemnification, Defense & Hold Harmless Agreement re: Tamika Palmer, Administrator of the Estate Of Breonna Taylor v. Brett Hankison, et al. Jefferson Circuit Court, Case No. 20-CI002694
    Summary: 1)this agreement is executed (signed by all parties) 2) Executed Sep 15,2020 3) Damages are $12,000,000 (money damages only)3.1) Also seeking undefined reforms (this is not defined or outlined and is essentially meaningless) however, a unspecified funding INCREASE is written in. This shows the intentions of the Taylors. 4) […]
  • NFAC is International and is of Interest
    International message from Europe NFAC chapter.
  • 2020-09-14 Lancaster Pennsylvania Police Shoot Body Cam Ricardo Munoz
    Police body cam footage of another upstanding citizen. This happens weekly; maybe daily. For Africans and other ethnic groups. It appears mostly the black shooting footage is shown. So, the same day, just a few hours later, everyone is ready and out there to protest.
  • How to Zero With Iron Sights | Shooting Techniques
  • Antifa Investigation – Organizational Structure – Details
    This video shows some charts of the org structure and illustrations on some of their tactics. Sure, people can get training independently, but unless they practice as a group or unit, in their territory, it isn’t going to go that well. Except for experienced folks. But ACP is mostly regular […]
  • Serious Warning to Politicians by Veteran
    What this guy is speaking is what the overwhelming majority thinks. Those who do not think this now, will, when their family starts to starve. Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Those who have savings, have depleted it or will deplete it soon without income. States that still have destructive […]
  • Listen Liberals, your scare tactics does not work – This is why we say facts over feelings
    On different social media platform it is common to get direct messages from left wing people calling you names and often being threatening – most of the times they hide behind fake accounts. That just shows how insecure many of them are – and that they are not even able […]
  • Drone spits in US
    Can you start forest fires using a drone? To answer this question that you already know is ‘yes’, lets ask a couple other questions? Can drones carry equipment? There are agraculturaal drones that can spray pesticides, carry UV or other spectrum equipment to survey fields for hot spots, and most […]
  • INFANTRYMAN’S GUIDE: Individual Movement Techniques (IMTs)
    In this episode of Infantryman’s Guide we will discuss individual movement techniques aka “IMTs”. IMTs are fundamental for every Infantry Marine or Soldier and can make the difference between life and death and mission accomplishment.
  • “Mass Public Unrest” After Election Day
    “An association of left-wing organizations is currently planning out strategies for what they believe would be a political dogfight should Joe Biden win November’s election by a small margin. The group, comprised of more than 50 groups, including MoveOn, Color of Change and the American Federation of Teachers, calls itself the Fight […]
  • President Trump’s 9/11 Remembrance Speech at Flight 93 National Memorial Pennsylvania
    President Trump and First Lady participated in observance at the Flight 93 National Memorial. Donald J. Trump held a speech to honor the heroes on Flight 93 – who saved the Nations Capital from being attacked: “The only thing that stood between the enemy and a deadly strike at the […]
  • No Press Conference, Biden said: It’a a solemn day, on 9/11
    Vice Presidents Biden & Pence bumped elbows when they met at the 9/11 Event in Lower Manhattan – Schumer and Cuomo walked with Biden. Beforehand when touching ground in NYC, Biden said he were not going to make news today, no press conference, “it’s a solemn day”, he said – […]
  • Black Lives Matter takes down yet another Black Police Chief
    Rochester’s Democrat Mayor Lovely Warren announced the resignation of Police Chief La’Ron Singletary om September 8th. Police Chief La’Ron Singletary said in a statement that he was honored to serve the city in upstate New York for 20 years and commended his staff. However, he said the protests and criticism […]
  • Cross country riot drummer Tabitha – man in dress & high heels – with armed protesters in Louisville
    Usually we see Peter Wilson aka. Tabitha Poppins being arrested at different occasions while banging his drums rioting in Portland, Oregon. But, this footage place him cross country in Louisville, Kentucky – on his ‘Abolish PPB’ drum – with armed protesters facing off with Metro Police. More than 100 nights […]
  • Thousands of Trump supporters in Michigan, “You’re the Elite” the President said
    The campaign trail led President Trump to Michigan for a campaign rally at MBS International Airport in Freeland.
  • BLM/Antifa Arsonists Setting Wildfires in NW
    Another InfoDump of links;  
  • RMA Armament Ceramic 1199 Level 4 Body Armor Test
    This is a ceramic type of plate. Ceramic plates are bonded with other materials to strengthen the strike face, and plate overall. Ceramic plate are vulnerable to dropping and cracking without special modifications like multi-curve, lamination, and layered materials.
  • The other side of BLM and police
    This happens every single day, multiple times. Police respond to a call for a crime. Then, the violent scumbags try to kill them. Every day. This is the job. And these obviously evil people complain with another crackhead takes a dirt nap from an overdose, overdose, overdose, or trying to […]
  • Open Season on Antifa, but there is a cost [member content]
    This block has been classified for membership viewing only. Please log into your account to see this block. this is in no way condoning or suggesting violence. Patriots are allowed to defend themselves. And in most states minimal force is required for weaponless combat. This means for example this guy […]
  • Eugene anarchist collective + John Zerzan
    Eugene anarchist collective: Homepage Found this: Led me to this: Zerzan has an active/current anarchy based radio show titled ‘Anarchy Radio’ : Zerzan goes back to the foundation of the anarchist movement in Eugene.From what I’ve read, it is the core of the apple here on (at […]
  • NFAC Leader claims he filed ‘papers in the world court’ to be declared a nation within a nation to get reparations
    Simply amazing. But let’s look at the reality. Legal papers are legal papers. Filing cases like these are public. There is no world court that is going to affect the USA. The UN can not tell us to tie our shoes , less start declaring nations inside of nations. So […]
  • Poly AR500 Body Armor Plate Test
    Poly AR500 Body Armor Tests
  • Vet’s account of being attacked by Antifa in Portland
    “Very basic background. My friend is a prior service 1st LAR 0311, 0351. (from Wiki: 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion is a fast and mobilized armored terrestrial reconnaissance battalion of the United States Marine Corps.) Multiple tours in the early to late 2000s, then DoE, then was put through selection and went to work for Colonel G____ as a team member. Since leaving, he has been doing contract work.
  • No more White, it’s after labor day.
    Just today, we at ACP have received copies of internal businesses ‘news letters’ or memos; 84 different companies made the statement of ‘No more White after Labor Day’. In all, White is capitalized, as a proper noun, no a color. And ‘no more’ classes for the cease of existence.
  • Down Syndrome Mayor defunds Police Force on crisis intervention upon suspension of 7 officers
    Rochester, New York will move crisis intervention out of the police force, Mayor Lovely Warren announced Sunday September 6th as protests and riots raged over the death of Daniel Prude, a Black man with mental health issues who died after police restrained him back in March of this year. “Police had discovered Mr. Prude sitting naked in the middle of the street, and his family said he suffered from mental health issues. At first calm, he later grew agitated, which prompted the restraints. Police also said Mr. Prude had told them he had COVID-19, which is why they used the spit hood, according to NBC News” [Article, Post Gazette]
  • This known BLM organizer tells cop to kill himself, blows smoke in his face amidst Corona pandemic
    Seattle PD arrested Tatii, a known organizer of Seattle Black Lives Matter marches. Police officers arrested her without bail. Shortly before her arrest, she can be heard on video screaming “Kill yourself. All of the Officers can kill themselves. Go on Live on Instagram and shoot yourself in the head so we can all watch” [Twitter Katie Daviscourt] She then proceeds to blow smoke in officers faces amidst a coronavirus pandemic. BLM is now protesting outside of King County Jail to “Free Tatii.”
  • Trump departing Jupiter – Silent Majority wasn’t silent in Florida
    President Donald J. Trump made his first visit to Palm Beach County since March and spoke about protecting Florida’s environment during a visit to Jupiter. “During a speech at the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse, the president announced he’s extending a moratorium, or temporary ban, on offshore oil drilling along Florida’s gulf coast, and expanding the ban to Florida’s east coast, as well as the coasts of Georgia and South Carolina” [WPTV]
  • Showdown in South LA between Dijon Kizzee protesters and County Sheriffs – they got hit hard
    This block has been classified for membership viewing only. Please log into your account to see this block.
  • Protesters blocking traffic went ape on Louisville Metro Police – who showed incredible restraint
  • Operation Red Mirage
    (image credit; Matt Bracken) “They’ve” already told you what they’re going to do after the election, no matter which way the vote goes. Remember? “Burn it down, Baby, burn it down!”
  • Member Posting: Situational Awareness
    Situational awareness. We know what it means and probably practice it to some extent. Likely not nearly as much as we should be doing. Just some things to think about. Is that woman in front of you in the checkout line really just talking on her phone, or did she […]
  • Sons Of Liberty Are Harassed In Seaside Oregon For Waving American Flags On The Side Of The Road
    Q; Why are you out here today?A: I’m part of the silent majority. I’ve been a keyboard warrior for a long time. I’ve had to hide my oppinion since it is considered racists because I think all lives matter. This is where we are. If you control speech, you control […]
  • Africa Responds To NFAC Call For Global Unity, Not
    NFAC Leader again twists unrelated events into a related thread. If any white farmer killing African made any speech, of course it is about NFAC – everything is. This speaker says black people are hated all around the world. They need to start asking why they think this is true. […]
  • Resident says ‘house filled with tear gas’ during riot
    A Southeast Portland resident said his home was filled with tear gas after police declared a riot on the 100th consecutive night of protests in the city. The declaration was made after someone threw what authorities described as firebombs toward police. More than 50 people were arrested overnight Saturday.
  • Rioter caught fire, karma finally hits after ‘pigs in blanket, fry ‘em like bacon’ BLM chant
  • Kyle Rittenhouse phone interview from County Jail and statement from Attorney John Pierce
    Kyle Rittenhouse on the phone, saying thanks to all his supporters. His lead attorney, John Pierce giving a statement about the shooting, Pierce says it is 100% self defence. And if it isn’t, no one can feel safe in America he adds. Interview by journalist Mike H., Twitter
  • Black Pigeon
    Black Pigeon   (NavyHATO) is an Ex-Pat currently living in Japan. For a number of years he has been presenting quality analysis and opinion on the current societal, political and economic collapse, not just in the US but around the world. His two latest offerings are well worth your time […]
  • Member Post: Communist ANTIFA Thugs Are Organized
    As a Marine from the Old Guard (Cold War) I have watched and observed all of this develop for the last 30 years. An old Nam vet opened my eyes by “Red Pilling” me before that ever became a term. I was telling family and friends we were heading to […]
  • Antifa Intel Dump
    Below is an Intel dump that includes direct ANTIFA handbooks, tactics, toolbox, and other resources. This domestic terrorist organization has got to the young people first, before their parents or from their parents, to teach these communist and Marxist ideologies.
  • Zero to Resisting Arrest in 2.5 Seconds
    #ICantRead. This is smart. This is the best way to get your point across. Why use intelligent debate when violence is an option. We are not savages.
  • More Flags For Trump
    More flags for Trump! These are always educational. As a bonus, a lady gets pretty erotic talking about Trump. Very funny.
  • (BLM) Burn Loot Murder Called Out By Other Black Americans
    BLM is just another criminal organization seeking to get rich by taking advantage of the ignorant and hateful. They use children because children are easy to manipulate and trick. Children believe the first things they are taught.
  • Live Louisville Part 4
    This is part 4 of the live Louisville stream. These have a long running time.
  • Rochester Restaurant Footage
    Terrorists smash through a restaurant. This is a massive crowd. Seeing these things makes you want to do something. Or think, ‘it would be great to mow them all down’. Most people think that and do not say it. It is not what America is about. But BLM/Ant (same domestic […]
  • Court Street Bus Stop Of Fire
    More riots. These are becoming normal and everyday occurrences. So far no shots fired. @SPECNewsROC — Andrew Freeman (@AFreemanNews) September 5, 2020
  • Virginia Heads Up.
    BLM plans to burn things in Virginia.
  • Unhinged citizens goes completely off the rails in Cal Anderson Park, screaming & threatening SPD
    “You’re a fu*king white supremacist you POS. I hope you die tonight”, the woman filming is screaming at the Seattle Police officer, participating in the homeless encampment sweep.
  • Fight at the downtown 7-11 in Portland after a dull night with cancelled riots
    The 7eleven in downtown Portland (known as ‘Commie 7-112’) has been the scene of multiple assaults related to the so called ‘peaceful Black Lives Matter protests’ aka. riots. It was the site of another late night fight. Even though this is close to the Central Police Precinct, officers don’t patrol […]
  • While aunt of DC shooting victim is interviewed, Defund MPD activist becomes hostile and attacks
    Aunt of Washington DC shooting victim Deon Kay talking with a man trying to reason with her in terms of waiting for the police video that will show what happened. Meanwhile a very hostile Black Lives Matter supporter wearing a ‘Defund MPD’ (Defund DC Metropolitan Police) interrupted and then attacked […]
  • NFAC Tries to Associate With Trump
    When you associate with important people, take a photo, tell someone you know them, or in a negative light, that you are being investigated by them – well, you just must be so important. Trump mentioned briefly in a recent interview, there were thugs on a plane. His plane? I […]
  • Trump in 1984 Interview
  • NFAC & Donald Trump Campaign Event
    Very interesting footage on NFAC leader as he does the pitch for president and then he is actually present at a MAG campaign event in 2016. So what is J’s agenda? There are people that put on uniforms and pretend they are police, military, security, or secret service. he pretends […]
  • Civil War Or Some Kind Of Conflict Is Coming, I Think Trump Is Our Best bet To Survive it
    We are training for a reason. We are preparing for a reason. This is not just a few hundred or a few thousand people expecting an event. Over half of Americans, probably much more; both republicans and democrats, are buying firearms, ammunition, and survival supplies. It is not a myth […]